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At BLR Solutions we can assist you with a variety of technology services and solutions.

Network Infrastructure

We design networks that scale and that are built on industry leading technology, to ensure you're always online and connected to the office where ever you might be.


Landlines are still a critical business requirement. They help connect you to your customers. However, with copper lines on the way out and VOIP services on the way in, we're here to help you transition to the future of telephony.


We've partnered with Developa Digital to help design and develop websites that are tailored to your business' needs rather than using a cookie cutter template.

Custom Software

We've partnered with Developa Digital to help deliver customised business applications that suite your businesses needs.

Cyber Security

We've partner with industry leading cyber security vendors, to help deliver peace of mind when your business is connected online.

Managed Services

Our team can help set you up with the best technology for your budget, and then proceed to support you with your technology going forward.

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